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Harley Quinn – Popular Girls Costume

Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad
September 13th, 2016

Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn

With the screening of Suicide Squad, the character Harley Quinn is SURE to be a huge hit this year for halloween costumes for young women and teen girls.

Although it is a bit provocative and sexy for younger girls, it is bound to be a very popular costume. The makeup is pretty simple and the outfit is not too complex or tough to get/make. Depending on the accuracy and intricacy needed, it should be not too hard to put together. Obviously though if you want something fairly authentic and accurate to the character you’ll need to purchase/rent a top quality halloween costume. I think though with the popularity that this costume may have, it would be smart to grab yours now before they are sold out or in short supply everywhere. Check it out here – Rubie’s Women’s Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume This is a top-rated Harley Quinn costume by Rubie’s. It is made from polyester and includes a pair of sequin shorts, colorful top, fishnet stockings, and a belt to complete the costume. You may need to purchase the wig and face paint makeup separately.

Here is a great Youtube video on how to get the makeup looking awesome!

And if you are looking for the younger halloween kiddy costume that is maybe a little less “adult” in nature, here is a toned down kids version:

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