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Ghoullish Party Ideas Part 2

Fake Lab Specimen Jars 2
September 17th, 2016

Jello Foot Mold

Jello Halloween Severed Feet Party FoodMany stores and online shops have molds you can use for Halloween parties. From brain molds to foot molds, these are sure to be noticed on your Halloween food table.

To make this awesome flesh colored jello, try this recipe at All you need is a few packs of jello, green food coloring and some evaporated skim milk to make these beauties. And, of course, don’t forget fresh parsley for garnish. This is gruesome and scary to look at but guests will “devour” them up… 😉

Haunted Doll House

You could luck out if your child has a doll house. It’s the perfect opportunity to create something macabre and strange for your halloween home decorations. Plus, if children are attending your party, it gives them something to play with, add to and inspect as well. In this picture, a doll house becomes haunted with a bit of spider webbing, some tiny toy skeletons, small plastic spiders and of course a witch. This is fun to put together and makes a creepy halloween home decor item. haunted-doll-house

Specimen Jars

These specimen jars were created with ideas from

Fake Lab Specimen JarsFrom left to right in the picture above, we have:

  • Rice noodles, floating in the starchy water they were boiled in.
  • Frozen peas in some syrup with added dark food coloring.
  • Canned longan in their own syrup from the Asian section of the grocery store.
  • Canned palm seed slices in their own syrup, also from the Asian section. Float a little Halloween blood on the top for extra grossness.
  • There are a ton of ideas you can come up with I’m sure by just researching what is available at your large grocery stores International Foods section

Then decide what name on the label for each jar will be. It is simple to use Google Translate to translate into Latin or some other unkown languate. You can find some great fonts at Then just print the labels on plain paper and cut them out and use a permanent glue stick or hot glue gun to stick them on the jars.

The fun starts when you let your guests try to guess what “real item” is in each jar. Next gross them out by eating a few items… ha ha!Fake Lab Specimen Jars 2

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