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Great Couples Halloween Costumes

Ideas for halloween couples costumes
October 10th, 2016

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Ideas for halloween couples costumesIf you are planning on going to a Halloween party or event with your spouse, significant other, sibling, or friend, you may be looking for a costume. The following Halloween costumes are an excellent option as they are funny and come in a set of two so you don’t need to buy separate costumes .

Bacon and Egg Couples Costumes

This is a super fun costume set (individually sold) that is perfect for any two people. It is not necessarily themed for a couple, so you can wear it with a good friend, parent, child, or co-worker, etc. These are two adult costumes where one wears the bacon dress costume and the other wears the fried egg costume. These are great if you want to attend a Halloween party or bash as a team, duo or couple. Both costumes are soft and comfy, being made of polyester. They need to be hand washed, so that is something to keep in mind after Halloween. The fried egg costume fits an average adult as a one-size-fits-all unisex type costume (you just slip it over your own black or neutral colored pants & shirt) but the bacon dress comes in women’s dress sizes so be sure to check out the sizing chart. These can also be used with teens.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

One of the top couple’s costumes on Amazon has always been the peanut butter and jelly sandwich set by FunWorld. This is another unisex costume set, so any two people can wear these Halloween costumes. One of them contains an oversized peanut butter bread slice as the costume, while the other one has a purple grape jelly bread slice. Both costumes are made from polyester and need to be hand washed or sponged off. Each part of the peanut butter and jelly costume is meant to slip over a black pair of pants and shirt (not supplied). Have a blast wearing these!

Wine and Cheese Set

If you are looking for a fun but “different” adult couples’ costume, consider going as a wine and cheese set. This is another one-size-fits-all adult costume set, this time where one of you is the shape of a wine bottle and the other is shaped like a cheese platter with a large inflatable knife.


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